Bits & Bobs #1

Welcome to my first Bits & Bobs edit with brief informative guides on everything from accessories, technology, grooming and a lot more. This weeks selection is simple but highly valued so read on and leave a comment on your thoughts!

1. Any blogger will tell you if theres one prime lens worth giving an arm for its the 50mm 1.2. Perfect for that dreamy depth of field and quality bokeh (blurred background), its a great lens to carry around. Compact and extremely versatile, its definitely a must have in this weeks Essentials Menu.

2. Its fair to say a wallet is a mans treasure (mine being this sleep Mont Blanc billfold) , it says alot about a man and can really speak volumes about your personality. if one savy investment where being deliberated, it’d be to spend that little more on where you store you hard earned cash and valuable ID’s (or be it to cover up those prison like self portraits on the top of each).  Either way its a wise piece to have in your kit and a good quality timeless design can stretch to last a very long time.

3. Fragrances tend to react quiet differently in heat with varying intensities, but this Ted baker Cologne seems to be a crowd pleaser…like a big one! With summer around the corner its the perfect combo of subtle refreshing citrus tones and aromatic herbs.

4. And best till last are these Effluvium-Hair vitality supplements, simply INCREDIBLE. The product states it contains:

Anap GH™ complex  composed of arginine, an amino acid, combined with Eruca Sativa and horsetail, which stimulates the hair bulb, promoting hair growth.  In addition, vitamin B3 and Iron participate in the microcirculation by contributing normal transport of oxygen from blood.
The CMS-Kératine and L-Cystéine-2A® complexes allow amino acids to be brought to each keratin fiber protein. Composed of marine gelatin  et de biotin, CMS-Kératineacts on the normalization of growth and thickness of appendages of the skin (hair, nails).
The 5α-Lyso-Zinc™ complex notably contains Zincparticipating in the maintenance of a normal hair scalp.
Lastly, Silicium-Choline 3BF™ complex, associated with chelated Copper and natural vitamin E, favors shinny hair and protection against radical attacks”

All i can say is I can’t sing its praises enough! Works wonders and great for anyone looking to battle early signs of hair-loss, thinning, damaged, weak or unhealthy hair.




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