Art of Minimal

With the internet at out fingertips bombarding us with visiuals and useless information, we come to realise we live in an age where a tendency to overcomplicate and embellish is rather common. However, I’ve come to the rescue, and for some…its once again *cheeky grins* With summer well on its way, i like to embrace the more minimalist approach to both fashion and lifestyle as its one trend thats set to continue for years and years…..and yeeaars!

Today I’ve paired some simple cropped and tailored missoni trousers with a white button up from YSL breaking the structure with an oversized thrifted sweater. I went for a tonal grey look but i opted for a pair of sneakers to add an urban touch alongside the sunglasses. In this look metallics are a perfect complement to minimal styling. Simple yet not skimpy when it comes to a little detail if you see what i mean.

So there it was, hopefully short (Pfhht), and to the point. Remember that sometimes the competition to be the best dressed at work or school or even technologies themselves can come around to make your head spin once and for all, but do take charge! Experiment to find your modern, beautiful and streamlined simplicity!

Sweater - Thrifted
Shirt - Yves Saint Laurent
Trousers - Missoni
Watch - Mondaine
Glasses - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Saucony Grid 9000 | Premium Edition


  1. Wow! love your photography and style. inspired ;) want the sneakers

    1. HA ...kind words, thanks Adrienne! :)




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