Skincare 101 - A Simple Routine

Healthy and great looking skin is a winner when it comes to looking fresh and summer ready! Today and in responce to a few requests i've written this post as a run down for a simple but effective routine that offers balanced, radiant and smooth skin (not perfect! Dare i say, no one is). But here goes:


With cleansers, the rule applies for all: If it lathers turning your face into foam party, do NOT use it. The more foam the more sulphate = Disaster! Look for something like a cleansing balm like the one i use from Emma Hardie found at SpaceNK and other stores for around the £38 mark. A luxurious purchase but definitely work the experience leaving you with hydrated but cleansed skin. Unlike those stripping cleansers that leave you squeaky, dry and tight feeling. Something like a cleansing gel like the La Roche Posay Lipikar is also great and gentle here at just £8! Bargain!

 Step 2: TONER

With so many toners on the market from balancing, hydrating, calming and even exfoliating chemical toners, theres something for everyone and its a step definitely worth investing in. Toners aside from helping to prep the skin for your moisturiser, can also wipe away any last traces of dirt and grime collected throughout the day, and believe you me living in london, the amount of 'gunk' clogged in those pores even after a single cleanse is shocking! I use Serozinc - a zinc sulphate solution thats very astringent on acne/blemish prone skin and also keeps that greasy shine at bay with a few spritz's. Made available in the UK at Boots for just £8.50, GET IT!


 When it comes to serums and moisturisers, guys tend to confuse the hell out themselves when the concept is rather simple:

Serums - targeted fluids for problematic areas of the skin you want to address e.g pigmentation, acne, dehydration, lines etc

Moisturiser - Acts as a barrier for the skin but also seals in and protects. But think of it as just an overcoat, the final layer to complete the routine. 

I use Kiels Midnight recovery Concentrate (£35) a beautiful, rich serum thats extremely hydrating and does wonders to skin overnight. My moisturisers i have to say are on constant rotation and i do change them up quiet a lot in testing etc, but i always return to Embroylisse (£8), a great lightweight formula with shea butter for fuss free, hydrated and supple skin. Not forgetting lip hydration i use the Radial Stem Cell lip balm  (£12) which is extremely thick (almost mask like) but does the job at tackling those chapped flaky lips.


These are just some holy grail extras that i use less regularly but still make an awfully big difference.

Best Targeted spot treatment that doesn't dry out your skin to ash but still does the job rapidly - Effaclar Duo by La Roche Posay (£11)

My top and by far the best chemical exfoliant used 3 times a week to resurface the skin and remove the dead cells revealing healthier skin - Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid (£31)
Another alternative in gel texture - Kiels Biological Peel (£40)

Quick 3min mask for instant hydration and life by bringing the blood to the surface - Decleor Life Radiance 3min Mask (£24)

Lightest, non greasy and affordable Sunscreen - Anthelios by La Roche Posay  (£16)

A great all rounder for elbows, scabs, dry patches - Jergens Ultra Healing Cream (£10)

 So thats all *Exhales*  I really hope this post was informative and if anything just explained a simple but effective routine to keep your skin fresh, clean, hydrated and treated from any problematic areas you wish to correct. Till next time I'm kicking back for the day now - "where my furry slippers at?"


  1. Great post so helpful! want read more from this x

    Adrienne Stavriatri

    1. Ah thanks adrienne glad you like it, ill get on top of posting more soon ;)




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