Cry Me A Riviera

 Right, so listen up! Summertime officially beginning, clocks inevitably shooting forward and looming ever closer, i thought it was time to spare myself the hot flushes on the tube, the sweat patches on the chase for the early arrived bus and well…just putting some serious thought into making that transition from A/W and ‘boy oh boy’, its time for the big guns. Slowly shifting from thicker fabrics and heavier outerwear to the toes dipping into the socklessness every now and then, its time for the shorts to come out baby! Ohhh yes ...the bad boys!

Some may say its perhaps too early for that kind of show, but in my eyes theres nothing wrong with getting out those pasty legs due some sun, so long as the choice of fabric is correct. 

From merino jumpers, flannel shirts, cotton or lightweight herringbone wools, theres nothing wrong with a sweater and tailored short combination (or even a variation of sorts) so long as you’re clever with the choice of material. In this post I’ve opted for clean tailored shorts and a lightweight jumper but gathered an earth toned look would be subtle to keep some balance. Paired with Gucinari Oxford brogues that finish the look with the reflective patent, id like to know your thoughts on the look. 

Let me know guys (and girls) ….

Sweater - Ralph Lauren
Shorts - Dolce & Gabbana
Watch - Mondaine
Shoes - Gucinari
Sunglasses - Rayban
Belt - William Hunt


  1. love your outfits man, the shoes are perfectly fine and yes short are best for summer.

  2. Nice combo, stylish !!


  3. I find your use of color for this post very refreshing. During the summer, most people feel it is quintessential to make use of brighter colors including myself but I think you doing the complete opposite with this is superb! It looks light, it looks thin, it looks comfortable and very chic. It also compliments your body very well. Great job!

    Igee Okafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

    1. All the more power to those who can break the rules with even just little less/different seasonal colours. You're too kind, thanks Igee!!




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